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The 3R’s all healthcare professionals need to know - Rest, Rehydrate, Refuel

By Amy Williamson on 02/07/19

Working in a hospital, your main focus is often the health of your patients. You may even be letting your own health take a backseat as you give all your attention to their care. When the health of people is literally in your hands, can you afford to risk things like dehydration which can have a negative effect your concentration and cognitive function?

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5 tips for staying healthy on shift

By Elizabeth Troake on 23/03/17
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Hospitals can be a fast-paced, unpredictable environment so our priority is to make sure all of our bank workers are healthy, safe and happy at work. Healthier bank staff means a healthier world on World Health Day, so take some time to look after yourself at work and stay at the top of your game today with our tips.

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Part 2 - 12 hour shifts: Bank Partners’ survival guide for NHS bank staff

By Christopher Bigsby on 29/03/16

Part two of our survival guide for a 12 hour shift. These are five more helpful tips which will ensure the long slog of a 12 hour shift can be a little more bearable. Let us know your tips on getting through a long shift.

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