5 tips for staying healthy on shift

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5 tips for staying healthy on shift

Hospitals can be a fast-paced, unpredictable environment so our priority is to make sure all of our bank workers are healthy, safe and happy at work. Healthier bank staff means a healthier world on World Health Day, so take some time to look after yourself at work and stay at the top of your game today with our tips:

  1. Eat well
    You already know all about maintaining healthy blood sugar levels, so make sure you apply this to yourself as well! A supply of healthy, easy-to-grab snacks can be essential on a long shift if you want to keep going. With limited time, having bananas, nuts or home-made sandwiches ready to graze on will stop you heading for the vending machines which, as you know, are bad news for both your blood sugar and your bank balance!

  2. Use caffeine with care
    Cups of tea or coffee are a must for many of us, whether to start the day or just to perk us up mid-shift, and in moderation caffeine can be helpful. Just watch how much you’re having, as it may make it harder to concentrate when you’re on the job or to switch off when your shift finally ends…Try alternating cup-by-cup with caffeine free coffee or tea as a way to cut back without the withdrawal.

  3. Stay balanced
    It’s hard to maintain a balance when everything on your list is the ‘top priority’, but watch out for the signs you’re getting frazzled or ‘burnt out’. Try to do something different with your breaks to take your mind off work, so you can come back more focused and energised. Try a quick walk outside, or just glance over a few pages of a non-work related magazine or book.

  4. Work together
    With such an unpredictable workplace, it’s really important that you can rely on your colleagues and look out for each other. This might be anything from carpooling with a co-worker or recognising when someone else is getting overwhelmed. On a night shift, having a good relationship with people you work with can help the time to pass quicker, whilst on days it makes the frantic pace easier to deal with if you know you can rely on your colleagues and vice versa. Find out more about how to survive a 12-hour shift here.

  5. Ask for help if you need it
    Just because your colleagues are doing a similar job to you and seem to be doing well, don’t let that dictate how and when you feel like you need to ask for help. People deal with stress in different ways and at different times so find a way to deal with it that works for you. Whether this means talking to a colleague who understands the situation, or a loved one who knows you, or to our staff, it’s important to recognise that we all need a friendly ear sometimes and we’re always here to help.

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