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Flexible workforce solutions with Bank Partners

Increase your bank capacity, improve workforce effectiveness, and reduce your staffing agency spend by working in partnership with the UK’s leading independent expert in managed staff bank solutions. We provide much-needed cover for gaps in rosters to ensure patient safety whilst supporting professionals to work flexibly. 

How we provide value:

Dedicated onsite team and delivery team for service mobilisation
Increased bank fill and reduced agency spend with bank first and preferential partner rates
Responsive, adaptable staffing through proactive management and engagement
Commercial innovation through guaranteed net savings with risk/reward model
Digital innovation through AI, automation and industry tech partnerships
Access to wider scale and capability through RPO, patient flow and clinical services 

How it works

Our model is designed to be sustainable, and to offer the flexibility for:

Bank first delivery: enhancing the fill rate from bank through end-to-end management of flexible staffing requirements
Partner before agency: for added cost savings access Acacium Group providers preferential rates guaranteeing fill rates and continuity of supply 
Agency supply chain management: quality and compliance assured through robust governance
Access additional services and innovation: supporting demand management and wider workforce initiatives 
Local bank
Collaborative bank
Acacium Group partner rates (Tier 0)
Priority group partners PSL (Tier 1)
All market suppliers (Tier 2)


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Our expertise

As part of Acacium Group, we are unique in our capability to provide a service that meets the full scope of your workforce needs, with fully outsourced and modular service provisions. Our services are tailored through consultative review to meet your individual requirements, with the unmatched ability to flex our delivery as your demand or priorities change.

Support your workforce initiatives with our flexible service solutions

Supply chain management
Our strategic supply chain managers deliver service efficiencies
Our teams handle all bank staff onboarding, compliance procedures and queries
Management information
We offer consistent, timely support with your daily operations
With data at your fingertips, we find new efficiencies
We execute marketing campaigns to engage your audience
Our teams manage payroll efficiently, avoiding staff confusion
Customer support
We look after enquiries and questions to provide you with peace of mind
International recruitment
Bank Partners has a vast network for global recruitment
Permanent recruitment
We help bank staff become substantive team members
Special project support
For unique needs, we offer tailored solutions to support ever changing demands
Brand review
Our skilled teams can refine your brand and extend reach to support goals
Candidate attraction
With 30 years' experience, we find staff to fit your needs
Clinical governance
We're dedicated to ensuring safe staffing and exemplary patient care
Talent acquisition
We specialise in finding top executives for managerial roles
Workforce consultancy
Explore new strategic solutions with our consultants
Patient flow services
As part of Acacium Group, we specialise patient flow services for improved healthcare delivery
Prevention services
Bank Partners - part of Acacium Group, offers extensive community well-being services
Insourcing & virtual ward services
As part of Acacium Group, you can benefit from our access to insourcing & virtual wards


Elevate your healthcare workforce with Bank Partners

We invite you to explore how our tailored, efficient, and cost-effective solutions can revolutionise your workforce strategy. Connect with us today for a partnership that transforms healthcare staffing. Start your journey with Bank Partners.