Why work for a bank?

Staff banks play a vital role, supporting the NHS to maintain high standards of patient safety and care. Tight budgets and increased demands on every ward mean NHS trusts are ever more reliant on temporary workers. Staff banks provide them a manageable solution.

If a hospital does not have enough staff on a ward, due to increased demand, sickness, or simple staff shortages, they need to call upon temporary staff. Agencies provide a short-term fix but charge a very large fee. Bank Partners works with trusts to reduce the reliance on agencies by developing a pool of highly-skilled workers who want to work for the NHS. This pool can then be used to fill staff shortages with highly competent, pre-screened health workers.

Bank Partners works with some of the most prestigious NHS and NHS Foundation Trusts in the UK. These hospitals provide an excellent environment for workers to gain further NHS experience without necessarily being full time NHS employees.

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