We are the UK’s leading independent expert in managed staff bank solutions to the NHS.

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We increase capacity of your temporary and substantive staff (RPO).
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We reduce the demand on your healthcare workforce.
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We reduce your reliance and spend on agency staff.

Bank Partners' Managed Bank Service is transforming healthcare staffing with a focus on reducing agency reliance, offering Total Flexible Workforce Solutions that ensure sustainable, adaptable staffing strategies, and enabling clients to 'Build your own bank service' for customisable, expert-managed solutions. This integrated approach promises onsite presence, guaranteed savings, and the use of advanced technology to enhance workforce management, inviting you to explore our innovative and strategic models designed for the future of healthcare.

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Managed Bank Service

Our commitment to you

A key feature of our managed bank service is a long-term reduction in the use of agency resources. We engage with our clients to agree fill rates throughout the lifetime of the bank contract, and we achieve this by immersing ourselves to increase our knowledge and understand any issues – thus enabling us to create proactive and accountable solutions.

Our models provide:

Enhanced onsite presence for tailored, collaborative staffing solutions
Guaranteed savings for improved financial efficiency and sustainability
Comprehensive data analytics for strategic decision-making
Responsive, adaptable staffing through proactive management and engagement
Enhanced Capabilities:  Includes RPO, patient flow, and clinical services.

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Why we're different

Our innovative teams harness the power of machine learning and advanced new technology to elevate your ability to spot gaps before they happen, allowing you to plan for the future and dedicate more time to patients and service users.

Service differentiations:

Local presence to drive engagement and best practice – improving demand forecasting, time to hire, rostering and fill rates through better engagement with workers and stakeholders
Central scale to provide resilience and specialism: over 250 staff to scale and provide you with a focused team for recruitment, compliance and bookings to increase staff utilisation
End to End service – Bank management, agency management, perm and executive recruitment, international and substantive workforce wellbeing – focus on increasing fill and reducing demand
Flexibility to innovate scope – Bank Plus model to reduce agency reliance and address patient flow challenges

Digital Healthcare Staffing Solutions

Embrace the future of healthcare staffing with Bank Partners' cutting-edge digital innovations. We offer a suite of solutions designed to optimise your workforce management and operational efficiency. From machine learning algorithms to real-time dashboards, our digital tools are engineered to meet the unique challenges of the healthcare industries.

Digital Innovations:

Machine Learning Worker Behaviour analysis – match right staff, right shift, right time
Live MI Dashboards – Implementation of tailored dashboards to proactively manage activity
Self-serve – Facilitation of self-booking for workers to manage their own schedules efficiently.
Full integration of systems – including APIs for a seamless service – team of over 20 tech experts
Automation – Implementation of Robot Process Automation for routine activities (invoice and timesheet checking, etc)

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Strategic Healthcare Commercial Models

Discover a new paradigm in healthcare staffing solutions with Bank Partners' Commercial Innovation. We've redefined the traditional commercial model to align our success with yours. From risk-sharing mechanisms to guaranteed savings, our commercial strategies are designed to deliver exceptional value while supporting the healthcare industries' unique needs.

Commercial Innovation:

Risk Transfer –  Only transaction fee charges (charge per bank hour booked) i.e.: no management fee or set up fees
Risk and Reward Mechanism – Gain share for overperformance as well as penalties if we don’t perform to agreed KPIs
Guaranteed savings – We will agree a target for agency reduction and commit to it
Reinvestment – agreement of investment pot mechanism to invest in Health Board workforce initiatives

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Total Flexible Workforce Solutions

Our total workforce solutions model is designed to be sustainable, and to offer the flexibility for:

Bank first delivery: enhancing the fill rate from bank at local level and through collaborative banks where appropriate
Partner before agency: for added cost saving with Partners providing at “Bank Plus” rates guaranteeing fill rates and continuity of care
Agency PSL management through a vendor neutral service
Modular services to support workforce initiatives
Special projects
Ability to manage demand changes

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Build your own bank service

As part of Acacium Group, we have an unrivalled capability to provide a range of modular services that can be used in continuous delivery or in support of special projects or surge requirements. These services are specifically designed to create a return on investment for you, developing a sustainable, engaged workforce, reducing overall demand and costs. You can benefit from the flexibility of accessing a range of services without the commitment to a full outsourced bank. We aim to work in partnership to deliver you tailored solutions that support your requirements. Delivery of these services is overseen by a Strategic Account Director, supported by a team of subject matter experts that are dedicated to the provision of each service. You will be provided with a team of consultants without paying for a team of consultants.

Supply chain management
Our strategic supply chain managers deliver service efficiencies
Our teams handle all bank staff onboarding, compliance procedures and queries
Management Information
We offer consistent, timely support with your daily operations
With data at your fingertips, we find new efficiencies
We execute marketing campaigns to engage your audience
Our teams manage payroll efficiently, avoiding staff confusion
Customer Support
We look after enquiries and questions to provide you with peace of mind
International Recruitment
Bank Partners has a vast network for global recruitment
Permanent Recruitment
We help bank staff become substantive team members
Special Project Support
For unique needs, we offer tailored solutions to support ever changing demands
Brand Review
Our skilled teams can refine your brand and extend reach to support goals
Candidate Attraction
With 30 years' experience, we find staff to fit your needs
Clinical Governance
We're dedicated to ensuring safe staffing and exemplary patient care
Talent Acquisition
We specialise in finding top executives for managerial roles
Workforce Consultancy
Explore new strategic solutions with our consultants
Patient Flow Services
As part of Acacium Group, we specialise patient flow services for improved healthcare delivery
Prevention Services
Bank Partners - part of Acacium Group, offers extensive community well-being services
Insourcing & Virtual Ward services
As part of Acacium Group, you can benefit from our access to insourcing & virtual wards


Discover how Bank Partners can revolutionise your staffing needs 

At Bank Partners, we specialise in transforming healthcare staffing with innovative and comprehensive solutions. Our expertise in managed staff bank services, enhanced by advanced technology and strategic models, is designed to optimise your workforce management.

For healthcare leaders seeking to elevate their staffing strategy, we invite you to connect with us. Discover how our tailored solutions can drive efficiency and cost-effectiveness in your organisation. Start a conversation with us today and explore the potential of a partnership with Bank Partners.