Worker benefits

The purpose of staff banks are to support NHS Trusts in providing temporary staff, thus helping them to reduce their dependency on agencies. There are several advantages in working for a staff bank. These include:

Flexible shifts:

Staff bank workers have complete control over the shifts they work. You can take on a long line of work if you want to have regular shifts, or you can take on adhoc roles when you have spare time. It’s entirely up to you.

Regular work:

In comparison to agency work, staff bank workers can count on regular work. This is because you’ll always be prioritised for a shift over an agency worker. If an agency worker has been scheduled for a shift you want, they’ll be cancelled in favour of you.

Competitive pay:

Staff banks rates are designed to provide healthcare workers with pay relative to substantive workers. This allows you to receive extra pay for shifts you take on and for the NHS Trust to maintain their budgets for patient care.

Weekly pay:

Staff bank workers are paid weekly which is great for those who want greater control over their finances. You can work extra shifts to take a little bit extra home at the end of the week.

Breadth of experience:

As a staff bank worker, you’ll be expected to have a certain level of experience and competency. However beyond that, being a bank worker provides a great environment to develop specialist skills to further your career.

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