Month: July 2018

Getting to know: King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

By Amy Williamson on 26/07/18
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Primarily serving the boroughs of Lambeth, Southwark, Lewisham and Bromley, King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust is one of the largest and busiest teaching hospitals in London. They have a reputation for nationally and internationally recognised work in several fields including, neurosciences and foetal medicine. The staff bank has a big part to play in assisting the Trust with filling the gaps in shifts across all six hospitals.

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World Emoji Day – The Five Emojis of Healthcare

By Amy Williamson on 17/07/18

Today is World Emoji Day and we are celebrating icons that have become a language in their own right and an integral part of the way we communicate online and in messages. Not only can they make your conversations more colourful but they allow you to show more emotion than text alone. With this in mind we are looking at five emojis that develop a whole new meaning when you work in healthcare…

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Friday 13th: 4 Myths About Being A Nurse Busted!

By Amy Williamson on 12/07/18
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There are several myths about working as a nurse that we hear time and time again. These misconceptions can lead to people not wanting to pursue it as a career because they develop certain beliefs about the type of work that is involved or the type of people that do the role.

In honour of Friday 13th (a day steeped in superstition!) we are going to debunk some of the most common myths about working as a Nurse.

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Welcome to Bank Partners first Healthcare Heroes Awards

By Amy Williamson on 03/07/18

Welcome to Bank Partners first Healthcare Heroes Awards! These awards have been launched to mark the 70th birthday of the National Health Service by celebrating the extraordinary people (heroes!) who work tireless to save and improve lives every day.

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