Month: July 2019

Compassion in care – 3 ways to help staff be more compassionate

By Amy Williamson on 11/07/19
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There are some values that are universal across professional care standards and codes of conduct. If you ask any of our bank workers why they got into the industry, what made them want to join the NHS, why they get up in the morning even, the answer would ultimately be: ‘Because I care.'

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The 3R’s all healthcare professionals need to know - Rest, Rehydrate, Refuel

By Amy Williamson on 02/07/19

Working in a hospital, your main focus is often the health of your patients. You may even be letting your own health take a backseat as you give all your attention to their care. When the health of people is literally in your hands, can you afford to risk things like dehydration which can have a negative effect your concentration and cognitive function?

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