World Emoji Day – The Five Emojis of Healthcare

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Today is World Emoji Day and we are celebrating icons that have become a language in their own right and an integral part of the way we communicate online and in messages. Not only can they make your conversations more colourful but they allow you to show more emotion than text alone. With this in mind we are looking at five emojis that develop a whole new meaning when you work in healthcare…

The Vomiting Face Emoji

As a Healthcare worker you have become practised in the art of recognising the signs of incoming projectiles. You are able to whip a container from nowhere at a moment’s notice and catch the offending waterfall with a precision that would impress anyone. That is why this emoji is so relatable for healthcare workers - it represents your experience and care for people who are in need.

The Poop Emoji

You’ve seen and discussed more of this than you care to think about and can happily discuss bowel movements even whilst eating, much to the dismay of your friends and family. This emoji can embody anything from a tough day to something you’ve spent your day cleaning up!

The Snowflake Emoji

Whether it’s the frost on your car when it gets below freezing or you see it on the weather and groan, the snowflake is perfect for those cold early morning starts. People don’t stop needing care just because winter weather has started. This emoji symbolises your resilience and dedication to your role and there’s nothing more impressive than that.

The Alarm Clock and The Moon Emojis

This combination of emojis will be familiar to any healthcare worker who is on a night shift. The alarm sound which is always unwelcome and then leaving the house just as most people are arriving home You go because you’re needed and because you have a passion and love for the job. Although these emojis probably make you sigh, you know that the job you do is vital and will help people which makes it all worthwhile.

The Ambulance Emoji

The ambulance usually signals one of the worst moments in someone’s life and it’s not somewhere they would choose to be. But for you, it’s just another day at the office. Another day of caring, saving and changing lives. This emoji embodies a moment that you will be able to put your skills and your passion for caring to good use.

Which emoji do you find yourself using most often? Can you sum up your job in three emojis? Let us know!

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