3 ways to speed up your NHS Staff Bank application

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Joining your local NHS Staff Bank is a great way to open up flexible working opportunities that fit your personal availability. Whether you are retired, working around family commitments, or looking to find something you can do in addition to your substantive NHS role, bank work can offer a fantastic way for you to work the shifts you want, when you want. To find out more about who bank work is good for, check out our blog about this here.

There are so many fantastic benefits to part-time NHS jobs like bank work including weekly pay, priority placement and much more.

So how can you speed up your NHS Staff Bank job application process to ensure you are working as soon as possible? You can achieve this in 3 simple steps:

  • Be CV ready
  • Documentation and training records up-to-date
  • Sign up to the DBS service

We spoke to our expert Talent Acquisition team help explain more about each step:

Be CV ready

Having your CV prepared and ready to go is key when applying for our NHS bank roles. Not only does this save time in the process, but it also means our specialist team will be able to quickly review your skills and experience. If we recognise that we are aware of other opportunities that might be suitable, we can share these with you quickly.

Documentation and training records are up-to-date

We always recommend having a folder that includes all your certificates, training, and immunisation records so they are ready to go whenever you need them. Documents for this could include your qualification certificates, identification documents, proof of address, immunisation records and more. This means when our team request this information to carry out detailed compliance and reference checks, you can provide it immediately. These are essential to getting you approved to work in the NHS staff bank. So the quicker we have them, the quicker we can get you out there saving and changing lives!

Sign up to the DBS service

If you can, it is worth joining the DBS Update Service. This service will allow our team (and any other potential employers) to instantly check your DBS record without any charge. To join you will need to register for the Update Service which comes at a cost of £13 a year. Benefits of this service include, not needing to re-apply every time you are looking to work with a new employer, speeding up your application and also giving you the ability to see who has carried out a Status check so you can track when it has been done.

Following these three simple tips will ensure we can get you out and supporting your local Trust as soon as possible. Our specialist Talent team will be there to support you through every step of the recruitment process. They are experts in matching you with the best roles and caring for you along your journey with us. Once you have completed this process and are approved to work, you will be passed along to the team who will support you with booking shifts and be available onsite if you need them when you are working.

Once you are ready to begin the application process you can see all our current jobs here or register to join the NHS staff bank.

If you’d like to find out more about the Trusts we work in partnership with click here.

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