The benefits of working for an NHS staff bank

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Flexible shifts and lines-of-work

Working temporary shifts at an NHS staff bank is a fantastic option for a huge variety of people and circumstances due to the hugely flexible nature of the role.

Whether you are looking for something to fit around school or university or around family and other commitments, the opportunities are endless with the staff bank.

If you’ve decided that working flexible shifts is the best option for you, why might you choose to work through a staff bank over an agency?

There are so many benefits to choosing to work at one of the Bank Partners family of Trusts:

Work where you want, when you want. With a dedicated bookings team to support and advise you, it is easy to find the best shifts to suit you in various medical and non-medical roles. If you have regular availability, you can choose to work short-term or long-term lines-of-work with a specific ward or department. For those who already work within the Trust you could choose to take on an extra shift a week within the department you already work in or choose to try another area of the hospital for new experiences.

Supportive onsite team

We have dedicated onsite teams on all of our key hospital sites who will be happy to answer any questions you might have. You may see the team around the Trust, visiting wards and checking that you are loving work through us. If you ever have any concerns, you can speak to them in person for face-to-face advice and support.

Weekly pay

With online timesheets are weekly pay, the staff bank offers a great solution to help support yourself and any family during times when you need extra funds, are saving for a holiday or just looking for a little extra spending money for the weekend.

Personal development

You could be gaining experience of new hospitals, wards and departments to help you develop your personal knowledge. Not only this, but at Bank Partners Trusts we support all our bank staff with training updates and reminders to help keep you compliant to work thanks to a dedicated compliance team. We also have an experienced clinical team onhand to provide guidance and conduct revalidations, appraisals and clinical supervisions so you can be sure that you always feel confident in your role.

Priority placement

One of the key differences of working through a staff bank is that you have priority to choose shifts over an agency worker. Even if the agency worker is already booked into that shift, you can choose to work it if it suits your availability. This allows you to consistently find the best working opportunities on top of enjoying all the benefits agency workers get such as competitive pay, weekly pay and control over when and where you want to work.

Be a part of the NHS family

Now, more than ever, your skills and support are vital to ensuring high levels of care are maintained. By joining the staff bank workforce, you will be working as a crucial part of the NHS family and our staff bank family. We truly value every one of our workers and want to ensure you have the best possible experience working with us. With regular incentives, awards and onsite events our teams are always looking to find ways to make sure you feel our appreciation for the work you do.

You can register with the bank here, or visit one of the NHS trust bank sites to apply directly for a NHS job.

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