5 reasons to work flexible NHS bank shifts

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 5 reasons to work flexible NHS bank shifts | Bank Partners 

We all know the famous song about working nine to five and whilst this may be a common working pattern for most, it doesn’t work for everyone. In fact, the 2019 UK Working Lives Report revealed that 68% of those surveyed would like to work flexibly in a way that is not currently available. For those working in clinical jobs, where the typical shift is twelve hours, the ability to work flexibly is particularly valued.

That’s why working through the staff bank at your local NHS trust could offer the perfect balance. There are so many benefits to working temporary shifts through one of our NHS staff banks including; weekly pay, online timesheets, flexible shifts, an onsite team for support, dedicated recruitment and compliance teams and much more.

With all these things in mind we would like to share five reasons flexible working through a staff bank may suit you:

  1. If you’re retired – If your full-time working days are behind you but would like to work the occasional shift then bank work is a great option. You can choose the days you are available and fit shifts around family days out, hobbies and other commitments.
  2. If you are a parent or have family commitments – Perhaps you are returning to work after maternity or paternity leave and you are looking for a more flexible working life? Or maybe you have a relative that you help to care for and need something that fits around this? With the staff bank you can choose to work when suits you, allowing yourself time at home with the kids or attending sports days! By choosing shifts through one of our NHS staff banks you will be working for an employer that is part of the Mumsnet Flexible Employer Programme. This means that we recognise and enable flexible hours and family-friendly working so you can always be confident that you can prioritise family commitments.
  3. To work extra shifts on top of your current role – Choose the hours and days you want to work to gain a little extra cash. If you have an event such as a summer holiday coming up, then you might choose to take on a couple of extra shifts to top up your spending money. Most staff banks have no minimum number of shifts you need to work so you can register and pick up shifts when it suits you best.
  4. To try out new wards – If you are interested in specialising or working in a new ward, use the staff bank to gain new skills and experiences. You might even discover a ward and team you would like to work with more and decide to book a line of work with them to be there more regularly.
  5. To try out different hospitals – You can try out a variety of hospitals and trusts by registering with more than one staff bank. The shifts you work will allow you to network and discover new teams you might not have encountered otherwise.

So with all these fantastic benefits and opportunities for flexible working it’s no wonder that so many people are choosing to work flexible shifts through their local staff bank.

If you’d like to find out more about joining a staff bank near you, click here to see all the Trusts we work with and find out more about the roles available and how to join.

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