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We’re proud to announce our new communications platform, designed specifically for our bank community - built around your needs and based on your feedback.

Launching this week, the app is designed to help you get support when you need it from our teams, find out the latest news or access key updates and discover new opportunities and view shifts across the Trust.

Powered by industry-leading app Ryalto, the platform will elevate your experience working with Bank Partners as part of our commitment to improve our worker experience.

Connect, communicate, discover, action...

Starting this week, bank staff at key Bank Partners Trusts will receive invitations to the new platform where you can:

  • Access our news feed for exclusive content and update

  • Contact our teams

  • Chat with colleagues and share knowledge

  • Learn about new lines of work

We're also adding new features over the coming weeks and soon you'll be able to manage every aspect of your working life - from timesheets and payslips, to e-learning.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be rolling out login information via email with more information as this new community project gets underway.

We’re looking forward to a future where we’re more connected than ever, whenever and wherever you need us. 

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