900 Years of St Bartholomew's Hospital

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Today, we pay tribute to the remarkable legacy of St Bartholomew's Hospital and its profound impact on the field of medicine. As the trusted temporary staffing provider for this institution, we are exceptionally proud to partner with Barts Health NHS Trust.

Throughout its long history, St Bartholomew's Hospital has been a beacon of medical progress. From ground-breaking research on blood circulation to their innovative work in palliative care, Barts has been a catalyst for huge advances in medicine and care. The hospital has fostered some brilliant minds, producing professionals who have significantly influenced the healthcare industry.

Beyond its medical achievements, St Bartholomew's Hospital has always prioritized compassion and patient-centred care. This commitment to empathy and understanding has been a cornerstone of Barts for centuries. The dedicated staff, including nurses, doctors, and administrators, embody these values, ensuring that every patient receives not only excellent medical treatment but also genuine care and support.

The Temporary Staffing Partnership:

As the temporary staffing provider for St Bartholomew's Hospital, we are proud to contribute to its rich legacy. Our partnership ensures that the hospital maintains its exceptional standards even during periods of increased demand. By providing skilled and compassionate professionals, we uphold Barts' vision of delivering outstanding patient care.

On its 900th birthday, St Bartholomew's Hospital is a testament to a remarkable journey. We are honoured to be part of this extraordinary story as the temporary staffing provider and look forward to continuing to support Barts in the years to come. Here's to the enduring legacy of St Bartholomew's Hospital—happy 900th birthday, Barts!

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