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Why UCLH? 

Bank Partners has been working closely with UCLH for nearly 15 years, providing support for temporary staffing across all staffing groups, including nurses, doctors, allied health professionals and admin and clerical.

Being a bank worker gives you the unique opportunity to work far more flexibly – UCLH has six sites across central London, allowing bank workers the chance to gain more experience and learn about working in multiple areas.

UCLH operate in acute and specialised services, so working in multiple different sites can help bank workers hone their existing skills and develop new ones, while working in a variety of teams to build strong working relationships to deliver excellent care.

Joining the staff bank is quick and simple – your online application will be handed to our onboarding team who will look after the whole process and support you in finding your first shift.

Being part of the UCLH staff bank gives you tonnes of flexibility – not only in the hours and days of the week that you work, but also the nature of the work you will be doing – it allows you to select areas and skills to aid your development and gives you great control over your career.

As a recognition of their vital contribution to the trust, bank workers are also eligible for all of the same employment benefits that substantive staff enjoy, such as access to the staff psychological and wellbeing service and the employee assistance program.

UCLH is a great place to work, across London it is a leading organisation with a huge range of specialities across numerous sites – there is something for everyone, whatever your passions and interests may be.


Working at UCLH: Your Career

Being a part of the staff bank gives you great opportunities to work in multiple sites, at your own pace – this flexibility means you can gain tonnes of experience working alongside different clinical leads and in different specialities.

Working in lots of different areas helps you develop lots more skills than you might be able to if you were only working in one speciality full time. UCLH provides excellent support and training for bank staff that is responsive to your ambitions for development and progression.

Being in the UCLH staff bank gives you the ability to look at your career and what opportunities and training you would like to take on – UCLH and Bank Partners will support you in your career journey and development.

Vanessa Sweeney, Chief Nurse at UCLH is incredibly proud of the staff bank:

“I’m really proud of our workforce in UCLH and how the diversity that we have… we have many people that have joined our bank or our substantive teams that have no experience in healthcare and have added so richly to the quality of care that we provide to our patients.”


Working at UCLH: Opportunities

UCLH have six sites in Central London, all with fantastic transport accessibility, as well as being some of the leading sites at the frontier of medical innovation.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, Bank Partners supported UCLH in the recruitment of vaccination bank workers – subsequently, over 200 of the original 1,500 workers from the local community have been transitioned into permanent roles within the NHS.

Many people work substantively and pick up additional bank shifts too, as well as workers who have started out as a bank worker and then grown into a substantive role once they have developed their skills and experience – so the flexibility is clear for all to see.

At UCLH, there is a real teamwork ethic to be proud of – when you arrive at a ward there is an orientation planned for each staff member and a warm welcome. Also, there is a checklist to ensure that each bank worker has a solid understanding of the ward and feels comfortable to hit the ground running.

Working at UCLH gives you the chance to define where you want your career to go, and then gives you the opportunity through both flexibility and training to build the skills so that you can take your career in the direction you want to – all of this while delivering first-class care and innovation in one of the leading trusts in the UK.

If you are interested in joining the UCLH staff bank or want to learn more about potential opportunities in the bank, please either visit this link or email

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