Bank Partners pilot program in partnership with Priory is underway

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After an announcement earlier this month of an agreement between Bank Partners and Priory for a project that will cover 12 hospitals in the south of England, delivering the brand’s award-winning  bank service for six months, the pilot is up and running.

If the pilot is successful, Bank Partners service will be expanded across 60+ Priory hospitals in the UK.

Across the UK, Priory Group operates more than 300 sites including hospitals, clinics and wellbeing centres with over 7,000 beds.

Priory is well known for its specialisms in mental health, drug and alcohol addictions and eating disorders. This is excellent news for Managed Workforce and with the dedication, expertise and talent of the specialist teams across the division we are expecting the pilot to be an incredible success.

The new Priory Bank will be rolled out across multiple sites in the South of England in the coming weeks and will offer workers the opportunity to work flexibly, earn extra money and gain experience in new areas and Priory locations.

Bank Partners COO, Fran Currie said: “Thank you to everyone involved in making this partnership a reality, this took a huge effort from colleagues across the group and our division working together. It’s fantastic to now see the program up and running, and we are confident it will be a resounding success in the coming months.”

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