3 Ways to Thank a Nurse

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Nursing is a role that requires passion, selflessness, and generosity. In general, nurses do not expect anything for their care or when they go above and beyond for a patient. However, it’s worth noting that, like everyone, they appreciate a thank you for their work.

So how can you thank a nurse who has gone the extra mile or worked particularly hard? We have three simple suggestions below.


Write a note.
A handwritten card or note is one of the most heartfelt, yet easiest ways to express your gratitude to someone and can mean the world to a nurse. You could write anything from what they did for you to what it meant for you or your family.

We know it can sometimes be daunting to look at a blank page and work out how to put into words the difference that they made. If you’re not sure what to write inside it we have compiled a few suggestions below:

“Thank you for your passion for providing great care!”
“Your hard work and dedication meant the world to my family during what was a very difficult time, and we cannot thank you enough.”
“Thank you for going above and beyond to ensure I was comfortable and supported during my stay in hospital.”
“Thank you from the bottom of my heart for brightening my day.”
“Your care made such a difference to me/my child/my family member and I cannot thank you enough for your patience and dedication to your role.”
“This has been a challenging time, and you have no idea how much your kindness meant to me.”
“For all the ways you have made a difference today, both big and small, thank you.”

Give a small gift.
From a caffeine-related pick-me-up to something they care to share with their team. It doesn’t have to be huge, but it can make a huge difference to someone! A few suggestions for gifts could be:

  • Voucher for a coffee shop or mug with coffee or treats inside. We know that many nurses appreciate a little caffeine on a 12-hour shift!
  • Box of sweets or chocolates to share with the team (or keep for themselves!)
  • Hand cream or skincare. Nurses are constantly washing their hands, and this can really dry out their skin. Hydrating moisturisers can really help with that and are always a welcome gift.
  • Flowers. You can express gratitude and appreciation with your choice of flowers. Deep and hot pink flowers are said to represent recognition. Yellow flowers are also a great choice for conveying happiness and heartfelt thanks. However, any flowers can work for this. Perhaps try to find out your nurse’s favourite colour or flower if you plan to give these as a thank you gift.

Share your thanks.

Why not write a letter to the matron of the ward they work on, or the Chief of Nursing at the hospital? This can be great for their career, and also get them the internal recognition they deserve. 

If letter writing isn’t your forte, you could also shout your thanks on social media and tag the NHS Trust that they work at to ensure that everyone hears about the incredible work they are doing.

Many NHS Trusts have internal awards, and your message of thanks could result in them receiving a nomination for one.


We hope you have enjoyed reading these simple ways to express thanks to a nurse.

Have you thanked a nurse recently? Can you think of any other ways to show our incredible nurses’ appreciation for all that they do? 

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