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Radiology is one of the most niche fields in healthcare and offers a fantastic opportunity to really make a difference to patients’ lives. At the forefront of innovation, the role allows you to use advanced technology to look inside patients and understand the root cause of whatever is making them unwell. 

Working with other colleagues you help to make a diagnosis and formulate a treatment plan to cure or improve their quality of life. It really is an incredibly rewarding role.

To become a radiographer, you must first complete an approved degree or masters in diagnostic radiography. Degrees can take between 3 and 6 years depending on whether you do them full-time or part-time. Once you have completed a degree you can register with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) before beginning practising. Alternatively, some places do offer a degree level apprenticeship course.

Still not sure if flexible radiography shifts are for you? Check out this interview with a diagnostic radiographer who works at UCLH for our staff bank.

What made you decide to become an NHS diagnostic radiographer?
I decided to become a diagnostic radiographer because I have always had an interest in sciences and the physiology of the human body. I have always been fascinated by health workers and the love and care, they give to us, as people or patients. Doctors need accurate diagnostic test to ensure patients receive the best treatment possible. Diagnostic radiographers are a major role in healthcare to deliver that.

What is the best part of your job?
The best part of my job is the sense of reward you feel at the end of a shift. I love meeting different patients, from all ages and backgrounds. I love the feeling of knowing I played a part in helping in a patient’s treatment. I love working in a team, with doctors, nurses and a variety of health workers.

Why do you choose to work through the radiography shifts through the staff bank?
I choose to work through the staff bank because, its flexible and there are always shifts available. Being a working mum, it really works well with my lifestyle.

What do you love about working for UCLH Staff Bank?
I love working for staff bank because, I get to choose the days I can work. The staff bank communicates really well, address most problems and keep me up to date with training and any outstanding compliances.

What do you love about working at UCLH hospital?
I love working in a hospital because it’s a large environment, that provides opportunities for me to expand my knowledge and skills by working alongside experts. It has also opened my eyes to many health struggles some people are facing. I believe, this has made me even more compassionate and caring.      

What would you say to someone considering becoming a diagnostic radiographer?
To someone considering Diagnostic Radiography. I would say, radiography is an excellent career. It teaches you not only diagnostic skills, but really changes you as a person. Radiography is a developing profession, with various imaging areas. Radiography requires strong patient care, but its very rewarding.  

What would you say to someone considering bank work?
Working for bank staff is good, if you are looking for flexible days, can’t work full time, have a family or just looking for a change in your lifestyle. Joining the bank is simple and quick, and there is a big team alongside to help you with any questions and queries.  

If you would like to see more of the radiology job roles we have available across our NHS Trusts, click here.

If you are interested in finding out more about working a UCLH staff bank, you can find out more here.


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    Really love this. I have been a radiographer for 8 years and it's the best job ever!

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    Thanks Karina, glad you like the blog! If you're interested in registering on one of our staff banks, please visit