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We know that looking for a new role can be daunting, especially in an industry that’s as fast paced as healthcare is. You want to know whether you will have the support, guidance and camaraderie to make sure you have the best possible time there and that’s not always easy to find.

We are proud to work with several fantastic NHS Trusts who pride themselves on ensuring that every member of staff has a positive experience with them. With this in mind we wanted to share with you just one of those Trusts, Barts Health NHS Trust and let you hear for yourself why you should work there.



Rufus Devine, Bank Business Partner
My name is Rufus Devine, I’m the Bank Business Partner based here at Whipps Cross Hospital. I work for a company called Bank Partners and we look after the Barts Health Staff Bank. Barts Health Staff Bank covers the sites of Royal London Hospital, Whipps Cross Hospital, Newham Hospital and St Barts Hospital. We support the sites with doctors, nurses, AHP and admin and clerical members of staff. 

There are a number of reasons for joining the Staff Bank. We offer competitive rates of pay across London. Also, there’s flexible working hours. We have lots of shifts available that you can be booked into that would suit your needs.

Barts is such a friendly ecosystem to be a part of. If I was turning up here as a temporary worker, I’d definitely be excited for my first shift on the ward.

Alan Gurney, Chief Executive
Lots of reasons to join the Staff Bank. There’s certainly a flexibility that it offers you. It’s not just Whipps Cross, it’s Barts Health. We are one of the biggest hospitals or trusts in the country, in the NHS and the opportunities are endless for people. For Whipps Cross, the future is really exciting for us. We’re getting a brand-new hospital in the coming years and to be a part of that is something that most people don’t get a chance to do once in their career time. 

Amina Osman, Matron
I worked here since I was a student moving on to Bank 5 so I’ve been here 10 years. Whipps Cross and Barts Health in general really do cater for staff needs, and really do have great values and really want staff to excel and to progress in their career. Hence I’m here! 

Debbie Goldsmith, Associate Director of Midwifery
We are often referred to as the Whipps Cross family. When I qualified as a student in 1992, I was just going to stay for six months and nineteen years later, I’m still here. It’s very supportive, we have great teams, we have great managers. We really do support each other well and I think that showed in COVID-19. Everybody just supported each other and that helped us to get through that.

We would always encourage staff when they join the trust to join the bank. This gives them the flexibility to have additional working hours as and when they need it. It also keeps their skills up to date if they want to work in different areas within maternity unit than the one, they do on a day job. It also gives them the opportunity financially to be flexible, to work as and when they wish.

Rufus Devine, Bank Business Partner
Bank workers are on the same Trust terms and conditions as you would be if you were a permanent member of staff. You can visit one of the onsite offices or you can apply online at to register your interest to join the staff bank.

If you’d like to join the Barts Staff Bank family we have a variety of roles available. Click the below links to find out more about the roles available and working with Barts Health Staff Bank:

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