Allocate announces interoperability agreement with Independent Clinical Services (ICS Group) for improved staff experience and better shift fill rates

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November 2020: London UK: Allocate Software has partnered with Independent Clinical Services (ICS Group), a leading Global provider of health, social care and life science services, to provide interoperability between its HealthRoster software and ICS Group’s staffing systems. The move will enable ICS Group and its health and care customers to improve the onboarding experience for candidates as well as swifter temporary staffing deployment into shifts.

Improving Quality of Care with Accurate and Timely Two-way Data Sharing The interface will enable health and care organisations to seamlessly share data bi-directionally between their e-Rostering systems and the ICS Group systems. This data includes shifts that need to be filled as well as amendments to staffing data, significantly reducing manual effort for admin teams. Crucially it will also help improve accuracy and reduce the time to fill shifts with the right staff which ultimately has an impact on the quality of care delivered to patients and service users.

Putting Staff Experience at the Heart of Innovation Allocate and ICS Group believe the partnership will result in an improved digital experience for workers which is an important element in improving recruitment of healthcare professionals and retaining these workers long term. Today, time delays when coordinating shifts can mean healthcare professionals often miss out on the most suitable shift requests or are frustrated when attempting to complete a booking. This new interface automates data exchange to eliminate delays and wasted effort in the deployment of workers.

Connecting Workforce Technology

The new collaboration is part of Allocate’s Connect Partner Programme, designed to boost the ways in which organisations partner through both interoperability and cooperation to unlock potential in workforce systems.

Both Allocate and ICS Group expect the interface to be launched to its shared customers in early 2021.

Nick Wilson, CEO of the Allocate Software group, said: “I am really excited about our partnership with ICS, we share a significant number of customers and this development will make a real difference to them by removing unnecessary admin. It is the perfect example of how organisations like ours can Interoperate for the good of our customers.”

Mike Barnard, CEO at ICS, said: “As the UK’s leading healthcare staffing provider, we are committed to delivering innovative workforce solutions to help the NHS tackle the imbalance of healthcare demand and workforce supply. We see the opening up of our recruitment, credentialing, fulfilment and worker engagement technology to the NHS as a key enabler in these solutions.

We are delighted to be collaborating with Allocate to deliver a technology solution that allows trusts and their temporary staffing partners to work seamlessly to position the right skills at the right time, cost-effectively”.

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About Allocate Software

Allocate Software is a leading international provider of workforce and resource planning solutions, supporting the operational and administrative needs of healthcare, defence and maritime sectors. In the health and care sector, Allocate is enabling the delivery of safe and effective care at optimal cost, by helping organisations to have the right people in the right place at the right time. With over 800 clients and over a million staff rostered daily, Allocate serves the largest public and private sector institutions around the world. Its Optima, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), platform including HealthRoster and HealthMedics, optimises the complex staffing requirements of large health and care organisations. Alongside automating sophisticated scheduling and ensuring accurate pay for staff that have complex pay rules, it is unique in providing additional benefits to improve the safety of staffing given changing patient needs, the management of contingent workforce, and the engagement of staff through the dedicated app. Optima is used to plan the working lives of half a million staff across all workforce groups including doctors, nurses, therapists, care staff, operational staff and administrators.

Allocate Software is headquartered in the United Kingdom, with over 500 employees, including over 190 in research, development and product management functions. It provides services and support to its international customer base through regional offices in the UK, Sweden, Germany and Australia.

About ICS Group and Bank Partners

Bank Partners offers a range of innovative and flexible workforce and technology solutions to enable clients to better match resources to changing demand, thus improving productivity and patient experience. Some of the largest Trusts in the UK use Bank Partners’ award-winning outsourced model to deliver higher fill rates from the staff bank, thus reducing the cost of agency supply. Bank Partners is unique in the market in being paid on results, with its remuneration directly linked to its performance in filling demand from the staff bank and improving workforce costs for Trusts.

Bank Partners is part of the ICS Group. ICS is the leading global healthcare solutions partner, delivering both staffing and services across healthcare, social care and life science. It is recognised as Europe’s leading specialist healthcare staffing provider, placing >21,000 people per week. ICS also puts its candidate workforce to work in innovative ways as it builds new care delivery models, including the UK’s leading complex care ‘at home’ business, its leading diabetes prevention business and the largest independent provider of managed workforce solutions into the NHS (Bank Partners). The Group employs c 2,000 people full time in offices across the UK, Ireland, US, Germany, Switzerland, Singapore, China, Japan and Australia.

Our staffing consultancy service ranges from individual modules designed to support or enhance specific processes to a full RPO.


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