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 ITU Bank Nurse - Bank Partners

Nursing is potentially one of the most rewarding careers and a very popular choice for caring individuals. To qualify you must complete a degree in one of the four main fields:

  • adult nursing
  • children’s nursing
  • learning disability nursing
  • mental health nursing

Each field offers the chance to work with different patients who have very different needs but within these you can also work within areas that require skillsets. Intensive treatment unit (ITU) nurses for example, treat patients who require the highest level of care in a very structured setting. Their specialised skills and extensive knowledge ensure they can provide the necessary interventions to sustain life at a moment’s notice. These nurses not only have the knowledge to recognise signs a patient is deteriorating but also work as advocates for patients and their families to ensure the highest level of care is provided in line with the patient’s wishes. It is the perfect department for someone meticulously organised who is looking for a chance to put this to good use.

Don’t believe us? This nurse works at Royal London Hospital for our Barts Health Staff Bank as an ITU Nurse.

What made you decide to become an ITU Nurse?

I had no plans to work in ITU, but the hospital on my first abroad assignment in Saudi Arabia was badly in need of ITU staff and I was assigned ITU by the supervisor. Eventually I realised I really liked it because I learned more and gained extensive knowledge taking care of critically ill patients.

What is the best part of your job?

The best part of my ITU experience was learning how to quickly calculate emergency drugs in time of cardiac arrest. It really has made me a better nurse.

Why do you choose to work through the staff bank?

I decided to work through staff bank because I really enjoy having my own time and being able to choose the shifts I want to work.

What do you love about working for Barts Health Staff Bank?

I prefer to work as Bank Nurse because I enjoyed my freedom and like choosing the shifts and dates, I want to work. I can also enjoy holiday whenever I choose!

What do you love about working at Royal London

I love working at Royal London because the unit is very organised, and the nursing staff are always helpful.

What would you say to someone considering becoming an ITU nurse?

I always encourage my co nurses to work in ITU to gain more knowledge and better experience.

What would you say to someone considering bank work?

I encourage my friends to join bank because it’s flexible work to suit you and there is much less chance of cancellation compared to agency nurses.

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