Things that go bump in the night shift…

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Things that go bump in the night shift…

For busy healthcare workers, Halloween can be one more stress that really isn't needed. (After all, if you’ve just survived a 12-hour shift you might feel scary enough already). Especially if you’re unlucky enough to work with one of these ghoulish characters. Do you recognise any of these? Or perhaps you recognise yourself..? Let us know in the comments!

The Ward Werewolf

Something about Halloween brings out the snappy, growling nature of the Ward Werewolf. Don’t ask them what parties they’ve got planned – the Ward Werewolf has had enough of Halloween before it’s even begun. All they want to do is survive their shift and get home to their cosy den.

The Worst-Organised Witch

This badly organised character seems close to flying off the (broomstick) handle at any moment! They’ve probably double booked themselves for at least three parties in one night but haven’t even thought about a costume yet. It’ll take more than a wave of a wand to sort out the mess they’ve got themselves into.

The Yummy Mummy Mummy/Daddy

The complete opposite to the Worst-Organised Witch, the Yummy Mummy Mummy (or the Yummy Mummy Daddy) has everything planned and prepared. From treats for the kids to cakes for their co-workers; from costumes for the whole family to decorations for both home and work. You could say they’ve got Halloween all wrapped up…

The Invisible Co-worker

This mysterious character is so elusive that they’re never even seen at work on Halloween. Or any other holiday, come to think of it! Every time a holiday comes around they always seem to have the night booked off…Try as you might, you’ll never find them haunting the wards when there’s a party to go to – but you can guarantee you’ll hear all about it when they’re back in work!

Do you know a Yummy Mummy Mummy? Or a Ward Werewolf? The most important thing is that when it comes to a 12-hour shift you’re definitely not a zombie! Check out our tips to surviving a 12-hour shift here and whoever you work with and whatever you get up to, we’d like to wish you all a happy Halloween!

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