Agency Pay Rate Caps

As of April 2016, NHS Improvement has implemented the next phase in agency pay rate caps. This has been implemented to reduce the overall reliance on agencies which can be costly to the NHS and promote NHS trusts to better manage their temporary staffing.

For the most part, you may not have noticed the first reduction in agency pay rates because many agencies chose to absorb the difference so as not to impact on temporary staff placed. However the most recent change has seen some agencies begin reducing the rates they can offer their workers, or reduce the number of shifts available, as they go off framework in breach of the new rate caps.

Bank work is not affected by the agency pay rate caps. All staff banks rates are governed directly by the trust they work for. This helps the trust more effectively budget and staff departments. In fact NHS Improvement, the governing body behind these agency pay rate caps, have found that trusts with a large flexible bank of workers tend to better manage their temporary staffing needs.

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