Our track record

We deliver tailored managed workforce staff banks to some of the UK’s largest NHS trusts. If you 're looking to outsource your staff bank, contact us for advice on creating the best managed workforce solution designed specifically for your trust requirements.

Benefits of working with us include:

  • Access to a dedicated 24/7 service team
  • A unique web-based platform (iPoint), which manages the temporary worker lifecycle, providing reduced costs, reduction in unnecessary requests, elimination of unsafe working practices and better substantive and temporary workforce management
  • Targeting of fill rates and bank recruitment – bank vs agency
  • Reduced agency engagement
  • Ensuring duty of care is met at all times by reducing the risk of inappropriate staff being placed
  • A significant decrease of overtime costs
  • Streamlined terms and conditions, and charge rates for all workers
  • Safe recruitment, with 100% compliance
  • Supply of comprehensive management information
  • Auditing of all tiered agencies to agreed standards 

As an illustration of our extensive track-record, we’ve provided an example below. This demonstrates our ability to improve overall bank effectiveness through focused and targeted activity, based on pre-determined objectives.