Agency reduction

Our philosophy centres around generating cost efficiencies and improvements to NHS trusts through agency reduction and improved bank fill rates.

We work in partnership with each trust to deliver this by:

  • Agreeing workforce capacity requirements specific to each ward or directorate
  • Recruiting the right numbers of flexible resource for each staff category and specialty
  • Reducing the time to hire through targeted recruitment campaigns and effective processes
  • Integrating e-rostering systems to maximise shift management planning
  • Agency performance audits, ensuring visibility and control of agency quality and spend

Where the use of agency is justified we rigorously manage each supplier to ensure the highest levels of quality and compliance, at the lowest cost. We operate three metrics to deliver control as follows:

  • Use of trust approved agencies
  • Reduction of agency fill
  • Demand management

Visit our track record page to see what we've achieved for NHS clients. Contact us to reduce your agency spend.