Acute Oncology CNS (AOS) - North Middlesex Hospital , London

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1.0          Principal Accountabilities

1.1          Assess, plan, implement and evaluate programmes of evidenced-based nursing care. (KSF Dimension HWB2 Level 4)


1.2          Provide expert advice and clinical practice. (KSF Dimension HWB5 Level 4)


1.3          Provide specialist education and training to others (KSK Dimension 2 Level 4)


1.4          Work collaboratively and co-operatively with the Lead AOS nurse and clinical colleagues to develop cost effective services and quality of care delivered. (KSF Dimension 1 Level 4)


1.5          Act as a role model; support the development of clinical services within the specialist field. (KSF Dimension 4 Level 4)


1.6          Actively participates in multi-professional meetings, acting as patient advocate and representing nursing views, using creative reasoning and problem solving where necessary. (KSF Dimension 4 Level 4)


1.7          Acts as a Key Worker for a clinical caseload, working to coordinate care and provide easy access for ongoing support for patients. (KSF Dimension 4 Level 4)


1.8          Demonstrate at an advanced level, communication skills which provide appropriate support, relevant information and education to facilitate decision making on all treatment options for patients and their family/carers. (KSF Dimension 1 level 4)


2.0               Clinical Responsibilities

2.1          Perform comprehensive assessment of patient nursing needs putting quality at the heart of practice by delivering evidence based individualised and personalised care through holistic needs assessment, planning and evaluation of care and all care interventions.   (KSK Dimension HWB2 Level 4, HWB6 Level 2)


2.2          Perform advanced clinical skills in assessment &/or diagnosis &/or treatment. (KSK Dimension HWB7 Level 4)


2.3          Collect, collate, evaluate and report information, maintaining accurate patient records. (KSF Dimension HWB5 Level 4) for spinal cord compression, sepsis and other acute oncology emergencies.


2.4          Involve patients and carers/relatives in the planning and delivery of care and development of services. (KSF Dimension 1 Level 3)

2.5          Monitor investigation results, initiating further assessment/review of treatment pathway as required. (KSF Dimension HWB6 Level 3)


2.6          Work collaboratively with other professionals and agencies to ensure patient needs are met, especially in relation to ongoing care needs and discharge arrangements. (KSF Dimension 1 Level 3)


2.7          Establish and maintain effective communication with patients and carers/relatives, and professionals across health and social services. (KSF Dimension 1 Level 4)


2.8          Contribute to the health promotion agenda with the local health economy. (KSF Dimension HWB1 Level 1)

2.9               To undertake non-medical prescribing duties within the legal framework for nurse prescribing and adhere to the Trust’s Policy for Non-medical Prescribing. (KSF Dimension HWB7 Level 4)


2.10           In keeping with the NMC ‘Code of Professional Conduct’ and ‘Standards of Proficiency for Nurse and Midwife Prescribers’, keep up to date with best prescribing practice in relation to the management of conditions within his/her specialist area. (KSF Dimension HWB7 Level 4)


2.11           Undertake regular audits of his/her prescribing practice. (KSF Dimension IK 2 Level 2)


2.12        Promotes self-management, undertaking risk stratification to determine those who can self-manage, following education, those who will need guided support to self-manage and those who will require on-going, face to face support. (Dimension 1 Level 3)

3.0          Managerial/Leadership

3.1          Provide specialist, expert clinical knowledge to clinical colleagues, patients and carers/relatives. (KSF Dimension 1 Level 3) following appropriate training


3.2          Actively engages with Macmillan Cancer Support to contribute expertise and experience and supports the Macmillan Strategy. (KSF Dimension 4 Level 3)


3.3          Evaluate service delivery against key performance targets, National Quality Measures, identify areas for improvement and initiate change. (KSF Dimension 4 Level 4)


3.4          Ensure the effective and efficient use of physical and financial resources; make recommendations regarding supplies and equipment. (KSF Dimension 5 Level 3)


3.5          Participate in the collection, collation and reporting of activity data to the lead nurse of the AOS and deputise in her absence by producing regular formal reports (KSF Dimension 2 Level 2)


3.6          Embeds patient and public involvement within the sphere of practice (KSF Dimension 4 Level3)


3.7          Promotes the philosophy of person-centred care, co-creating care with people affected by cancer. (KSF Dimension 1 Level 3)


3.8          Participates in Macmillan Service Reviews in order to drive service improvement. (KSF Dimension 4 Level 3)


3.9          Leads the development of patient focussed education, including training to self-manage ongoing consequences of treatment. (KSF Dimension 2 Level 4)


3.10        Leads the nursing contribution to service development, ensuring the pursuit of excellence in care. (KSF Dimension 4 Level 3)


3.11        Makes sure that people affected by cancer are aware that they are interacting with a Macmillan Professional and know about the full range of resources and services

available through Macmillan. (KSF Dimension 1 Level 4)

4.0          Education and Development

4.1          Participate in the planning, implementation and evaluation of programmes of education to meet identified need. (KSF Dimension 2 Level 4)


4.2          Participate in the education of pre and post registered nurses, medical staff, AHP’s, patient and carers and participate in curriculum development where appropriate. (KSF Dimension 2 Level 4)


4.3          Address specific health targets e.g. CHI, NICE Guidance, NSF related to own area of practice through education (KSF Dimension 2 Level 4)

4.4          Ensure own compliance with regard to mandatory training and PREP requirements. (KSF Dimension 5 Level 3).


4.5          Actively engages with learning and development opportunities offered by Macmillan (KSF Dimension 2 Level 2).


5.0          Clinical Governance

5.1          Identify need for, participate and undertake, research, clinical audit, benchmarking and equipment trials, in order to improve effectiveness of patient care. (KSF Dimension 2 Level 3)


5.2          Disseminate research and audit findings through presentation to professional groups and publication. (KSF Dimension 2 Level 3).


5.3          Assist the Lead AOS nurse in the development and implementation of policies, procedures and guidelines relevant to own area of work. (KSK Dimension 4 Level 4)

5.4          Promote patient and public involvement activities in the specialist area, leading to service improvement. (KSF Dimension 4 Level 4).


5.5          Promote people’s equality, diversity and rights. (KSF Dimension 6 Level 3).


5.6          Defines a clear care pathway, refers to other professionals and sign-posts to other agencies as appropriate. (KSF Dimension 1 Level 2).


6.0          Care and Compassion

6.1          Post holders must be able to actively demonstrate and proactively to deliver effective and personal care which is safe for patients in a calm, caring and compassionate manner to every patient, every time.


6.2          This should be at the core of all care planning which actively involves the patient and where appropriate their relatives/carers.


6.3          Ensure systems are in place to ensure that the standards of nursing and midwifery care deliver safe, effective and compassionate care to every patient, every time.


6.4          Taking responsibility to further escalate concerns of inter-professional and multi agency concerns of patient or care through the Trust process and ensuring that there is a satisfactory response.


General Duties of all employees

  • To observe the provisions of and adhere to all Trust policies and procedures.


  • To actively participate in the annual performance review to identify personal development needs


  • To attend Trust Statutory and Mandatory training sessions as required and any other training courses relevant to the post.


  • To be aware of the confidential aspects of the post. Breaches of confidentiality will result in disciplinary action that may involve dismissal.The post holder should also be aware that, regardless of any action taken by the employing authority, breaches of confidentiality could result in civil action for damages.


  • All employees must fully comply with the relevant sections of the Health and Safety at Work. You are required to follow all applicable rules and procedures relating to Health and Safety at Work and to take all responsible precautions to avoid actions


  • All staff will be treated with respect by management, colleagues, patients and visitors and equally staff will treat management, colleagues, patients and visitors with the same level of respect. Staff will be supported to challenge any discriminatory behaviour that may be based on differences in race, disability, language, culture, religion, sexuality, age, gender or employment status.
  • The North Middlesex University Hospital NHS Trust has a ‘No Smoking’ Policy and smoking is not permitted in Trust buildings or vehicles.


  • All employees are individually responsible for the prevention and control of infection within their own area. The employee must attend Infection Control Induction training and mandatory Infection control training. The employee must follow all, Trust policies, procedures and guidelines relating to Infection Control.


  • To adhere to relevant Code of Practice of Professional body (NMC and guiding documents)


  • The duties contained in this job description are not intended to be exhaustive.The tasks and responsibilities of this post are likely to evolve in line with the Trust’s continued organisational development.


  • The post holder must be flexible in the duties performed and it is expected that similar duties, not specifically listed above, will be carried out as required. Any such variation will be agreed in advance between the post holder and their Manager as part of the continuing process of management review and development.

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