Rotational Clinical Services Pharmacist - London

Moorfields Eye Hospital based at City Road are looking for Rotational Clinical Services Pharmacist to join their team. The post holder will assist in the provision of a safe and efficient patient focused clinical pharmacy service working as part of the main dispensary team.

Moorfields is the leading provider of eye health services in the UK and a world-class centre of excellence for ophthalmic research and education. Their clinical staff take great pride in providing high-quality care to their patients across their extensive specialist clinics, including their A&E department; Paediatric clinic; Retinal Therapy Unit; Cataract, Glaucoma, Genetics, Oracular Oncology departments; and many more.


The post-holder will participate in the Band 6 rotation, which includes clinical Pharmacy services to day care wards, A&E, dispensary services, paediatric services, and medicines information, including private patients and all Moorfields network sites. 

To assist in the provision of a patient-focused clinical Pharmacy service to wards and departments throughout the Trust and its network sites. The post holder will participate in Band 6 Pharmacy rotations at City Road (including private patients) and at the network sites as required.

To provide a clinical Pharmacy and dispensing service for patients in the outpatient and day care settings including clinical areas where private practice is undertaken, and in the paediatric Richard Desmond Children’s Eye Centre (RDCEC).

To assist in the provision of the specialist Ophthalmic Medicines Information Service at Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.

To assist in the provision of education and training within the Pharmacy department.



Dispensary Services

1. Act as responsible Pharmacist and professional lead in dispensary services (outpatients and day care). Ensure safety and security of staff and drugs within the Pharmacy department.

2. Ensure compliance with current legislation under the Medicines Act for dispensing, supply and sale of medicines. Monitor for fraudulent prescriptions and ensure that prescription charges are taken, where appropriate.

3. Manage and prioritise workload within the dispensary. Assist in organisation of the rotas within the department.

4. Perform clinical checks on prescriptions. Ensure that medicines are prescribed in accordance with the Trust formulary. Ensure that relevant patient monitoring is undertaken where required for certain drugs, e.g. immunosuppressant drugs.

5. Perform accuracy checks on dispensed medicines. Dispense prescriptions when necessary 

6. Counsel patients on appropriate use of their medicines – provide advice on drug doses, possible side effects and how to obtain further supplies, if required.

7. Deal with complaints from patients, carers and other healthcare professionals. 

8. Ensure accurate record keeping, e.g. for Controlled Drugs and “Named Patient” drugs. Be responsible for regular Controlled Drug checks and ensure that the storage and record keeping standards for all drugs are adhered to at all times.

9. Report medication incidents and Pharmacy interventions on the Trust incident reporting system.

10. Collect money for prescriptions (where applicable) and invoices and reconcile the cash register money collection at the end of the day. 

11. To generate invoices and manage invoice queries for private outpatient and/or discharge prescriptions using the Compucare system.

12. Communicate with primary care colleagues, e.g. GPs and community Pharmacists regarding queries and continuation supply.

Clinical Pharmacy

13. Ensure the provision of comprehensive pharmaceutical care for patients, develop and implement clinical Pharmacy services for the pre-admission assessment, admission and discharge of patients by working closely with other colleagues, as appropriate.

14. Ensure that medicines optimisation is provided as safely, efficiently, economically and effectively as possible, within the available resources and in accordance with departmental procedures and guidance.

15. Perform medicines reconciliation and medication review on the day care wards in collaboration with the Pharmacy medicines management technician, as appropriate.

16. Perform clinical checks on day care drug charts and discharge prescriptions.

17. Liaise with day care ward staff to facilitate drug supply and resolve any queries.

18. Counsel patients on appropriate use of their discharge medicines – provide advice on drug doses, possible side effects and how to obtain further supplies, if required.

19. Provide clinical advice to prescribers and other healthcare professionals to ensure safe, effective and rational use of medication.

20. Promote optimal and appropriate drug use and high quality prescribing within the Trust, in accordance with the Trust formulary.

21. Report medication incidents and Pharmacy interventions on the Trust incident reporting system.

22. Liaise with primary care colleagues, e.g. GPs and community pharmacists regarding safe and efficient transfer of patients’ medication history upon discharge from hospital 

23. To participate in the development and review of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

Ocular Inflammation Therapeutics Service

24. Counsel patients on safe initiation of 2nd line oral immunomodulating agents for relevant patients in the uveitis, adnexal, neuro ophthalmology and external eye disease services

25. Ensure required tests are ordered and reviewed and correct governance processes are followed for patients newly started on immunosuppressant medicines e.g. mycophenolate pregnancy tests and documentation 

26. Co-ordinate ongoing blood test monitoring for patients using 2nd line oral immunomodulating agents.

27. Review received blood tests and liaise with medical staff to formulate clinical management plan for out of range blood test results

28. Support homecare process for patients using biologic medicines.

29. Respond to relevant queries from patients, doctors and other health professionals on the use of immunosuppressant medicines.

Medicines Information

30. Respond to medication queries from patients and other healthcare professionals (internal and external).

31. Provide advice and information on the safe and effective use of medicines to the multidisciplinary team within the Trust.

32. Coordinate all Medicines Information (MI) queries on a daily basis, as directed by the MI manager.

33. Ensure that the MI database is maintained appropriately. 

34. Have a comprehensive understanding of all information resources available in MI.

35. Support the MI manager in all other relevant duties within the department, as required. For example, production of memos, support with audit work, and coordination of drug recalls, etc.

Important Requirements:

  • Pharmacy degree, MPharm or equivalent
  • Registered with GPhC (General Pharmaceutical Council)
  • Membership of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society
  • Experience of working in hospital Pharmacy
  • Experience within the field of ophthalmology
  • Good knowledge of clinical Pharmacy, to advise on drug dosages and treatment
  • Good clinical skills to analyse drug charts and prescriptions
  • Excellent communication and patient counselling skills
  • Excellent organisational skills and problem solving skills
  • Enthusiastic and motivated team player

We are so grateful for the hard-work and commitment of our Staff Bank workers, so as a thank you we offer the following benefits:

  • Competitive pay
  • Priority of shifts over all agency workers
  • Access to free Bank Partners Core Skills training
  • Weekly salary
  • Opportunity to manage shifts with online timesheets


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