Pride in our people

Pride - Bank Partners

Here at Bank Partners, we know that a diverse workforce is an amazing workforce. That is why we are committed to promoting equality and inclusion within all of our staff banks. You may have noticed that many of our staff on site and in our head office wear rainbow badges. This badge symbolises our commitment to inclusion and our promise to always recruit the very best healthcare professionals, regardless of age, race, sexuality or how they identify.

We promise to:

  • Never treat you differently because of who you are
  • Welcome diversity in our staff banks
  • Be open so that you can talk openly about your identity with us
  • Support you in any challenges you might face

To join one of our welcoming staff banks, please just fill in the below form and we’ll get you working flexible shifts in no time!

(Note: We require six months’ experience within the NHS and registration with the appropriate body where applicable before we can place you onto one of our staff banks. If you don’t have NHS experience we may not be able to further your application.)