About us

The Kingston Hospital NHS Foundation Trust's Staff Bank is a resource of high quality, flexible workers which helps the trust reduce its reliance on agencies. Working to the trust's undertaking to be caring, safe, responsible and to value its people, the bank ensures that shifts are filled whilst supporting its workers and ensuring that patients receive the highest possible level of care.

Working for the Kingston Hospital Staff Bank, you will have full control over your shifts, whether you want to take on a long line of work or are simply looking for extra, ad hoc shifts to supplement your usual schedule. This doesn't mean that your career has to take a back seat, either - you will be encouraged and supported to reach your full potential and given the tools you need to achieve it.

As a bank worker, you will always be given priority over agency workers, even if there is already an agency worker booked into the shift. Choosing when you want to work is fast and easy through our online system or mobile app and being paid weekly means that you can make extra money for even last-minute occasions.

If you'd like to join the Kingston Hospital staff bank, you can either register online or take a look at one of the roles on our jobs page to see our current vacancies.

Bank Partners is a trading name of Pulse Healthcare Ltd.
Registered office Caledonia House, 223 Pentonville Road, London, N1 9NG.
Registered in England and Wales.
Company registration number 3156103.