About us

The Great Ormond Street Hospital Nursing and HCA Bank supports the Trust by ensuring the provision of high-quality paediatric healthcare workers. Having a staff bank means we can maintain a high level of consistent staffing on the wards and departments, and minimise the reliance on third party agency workers. The management of the GOSH Nursing and HCA Bank is subcontracted to Bank Partners. They aim to fill as many shift requests as possible whilst maintaining the high standard of care expected by the child and young patients and their families.

Great Ormond Street Hospital has a worldwide reputation for the care of children and seeks to provide the highest level of support for patients and their families. In order to achieve this, the Trust also looks to provide a nurturing work environment for all staff. Members of staff at the Trust have excellent development opportunities, both through their day-to-day work and their further professional development. These advantages are also available to temporary Bank workers. GOSH also recognises that a staff member is better able to provide a caring compassionate service if they feel respected and know their views are heard. This is why the values they hold when dealing with patients extend to staff and temporary workers in the Nursing and HCA Bank.

As a bank worker, you’ll receive more benefits and job security than agency workers. For example, you’ll always be given priority over any agency worker looking to fill a shift. In fact, the shift will be given to you even if an agency worker has already filled it. As a bank worker, you also have the flexibility to choose what shifts you want to work. So whether you only want to work evening shifts, or you just want to do one shift at the weekend, you control your availability and you decide when you want to work. You’ll also be paid on a weekly basis, which means you can control your finances better.

The GOSH Nursing & HCA Bank has an onsite office in the hospital, so if you need to speak to us, please drop in. You can find our office location, and opening hours on the contact us page.

Bank Partners is a trading name of Pulse Healthcare Ltd.
Registered office Caledonia House, 223 Pentonville Road, London, N1 9NG.
Registered in England and Wales.
Company registration number 3156103.