Join the North East London Collaborative Bank

Could you help deliver Covid-19 vaccines? Your NHS needs you.

The East London Health & Care Partnership’s goal is to help the people of east London live healthy and independent lives. More and more people are being attracted to the area, which means we need good health and care services here too. It’s why we want people like you to come and join us and be a part of these exciting times. Here you will get the chance to achieve what you set out to do and make a difference to people’s lives.

We are currently recruiting a new bank of staff specifically to deliver Covid-19 vaccines across North East London. 

As part of this we are recruiting a high volume of people, from members of the public, who will be fully trained and supported in administering the Covid-19 vaccination, to healthcare professionals who can supervise and oversee the delivery of the Covid-19 vaccination project.

There will be a range of paid roles offered on a flexible basis, including outside of usual working hours to fit with your other responsibilities. Important non-clinical supporting roles will also be available. In all roles, appropriate training, supervision and PPE will be provided to ensure the safety of staff, volunteers and patients.

Please take a look at the jobs we have available and if any match your requirements, apply now.