About us

The Kettering General Hospital staff bank supports the Trust by providing flexible workers to fill shifts, reducing the need to use agencies. This means that patients receive high quality, consistent care, while saving the Trust valuable time and money.

There are lots of reasons people want to pick up shifts with the bank and many people find that the flexible nature of being able to self-book onto shifts, along with weekly pay, works much better for them than a substantive role. Working for the bank is simple – whether you’re looking to take on a long-term line of work or are simply looking to pick up extra shifts here and there to supplement your day-to-day job, we can accommodate you.

Whichever option you choose, we work closely with the Trust to ensure that you are fully supported, with a dedicated on-site team ready to assist you with bookings and payroll enquiries as well as introductory sessions to different wards.