Jonathan - Divisional Senior Nurse

“It has been a pleasure to work with Bank Partners, who have supported us during a very difficult period and with vacancies that went as high as 40% at the hospital. I would recommend Bank Partners to other hospitals because they are hugely supportive, communicate well, have good nursing staff and are responsive to client needs.”

Jonathan, Divisional Senior Nurse for UCLH tells us what he considers to be the top five advantages of working with Bank Partners.

  1. “It has been incredibly useful to have a diarised, regular meeting between Bank Partners and the ward sisters and senior nurse managers every month. The meeting allows an overview on expenditure and provides a forum for discussions such as cost management, bank staff performance and strategies to increase our bank fill rate."

  2. "Staff members at Bank Partners are always very responsive, easily accessible by phone and willing to meet at any time when a problem arises.  This accessibility has led to a great working relationship and an ability to manage problems efficiently."

  3. "The booking process is linked to our E-rota. This gives senior management far better sight of the staff bank usage and an opportunity for the Sister/Charge Nurse to book well in advance, which increases our chance of filling a shift. The shift to E-rota wasn’t easy but Bank Partners was available and supportive throughout the installation, ensuring disruption was at a minimum."

  4. "Bank Partners forge strong relationships with the nurse managers and really partner with them, not only helping the wards function when vacancy rates are high but also supporting the managers in reducing costs and saving money. "

  5. "The quality of the nursing staff sourced by Bank Partners, and available on the staff bank is high and, generally speaking, staff members have been reliable and consistent when supporting the wards. Problems have been managed by the Bank Partners team quickly and effectively."